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Eileen Smyth & Paula McGuinness are certified Aromatherapists with a commitment to living in balance with nature in a holistic way. They have created an organic skin care range that is inspired by natural plant ingredients. Using only the purest of ingredients mostly sourced from the Boyne Valley. Lus Aromatherapy is a premium natural skincare range made with one purpose   to nourish the skin naturally. 

Eileen and Paula are firm believers in the psychology of aromas and understand how aromas can uplift and rejuvenate while soothing the mind.  Essential oils are blended giving a synergistic effect with every oil offering unique therapeutic values. The result is a product range that is kind to the skin and is cerified organic and vegan. This approach extends to all the ingredients and to packaging with low-impact materials, minimal plastics and using sustainable sources.

Taking the name “Lus” from the Irish word for plant and herb  “Lus Aromatherapy” has a  business ethos to work in harmony with nature and plants. 

The skin is the largest organ in the body and company founders Eileen and Paula have created a range that ensures that the skin is nourished naturally.

The products are blended in a studio in the Boyne Valley in Co Meath, home to Newgrange and the Hill of Tara where the local history is rich and steeped in traditions.  

About Lus Aromatherapy: Certified Aromatherapists Crafting Organic Skincare

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