Chamomile German

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Did you know?

Chamomile German(Matricaria recutita) & Chamomile Roman( Anthemis nobilis)

Soothing, calming chamomiles just love to calm you.  Even to look at them dotted around the garden with their innocent like white petals and sunny faces peeping up at you brings an awareness of gentleness.

Chamomiles are from the Asteraceae family.  There are a couple of them used regularly in Aromatherapy treatments and products, because of their potent Sedative properties from components called esters..(they love to relax).
Aromas of sweet, straw like ,herby, sometimes apple like, to inhale chamomile brings instant calm.

When blended carefully Chamomiles therapeutic actions are..calmative, anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulant, digestive, vulnerary(healing to skin), Sedative, antiseptic, nervine, anti-infectious. The Chamomile Roman variety is more suited to children and the elderly and is very effective in skincare ,insomnia,for rashes and itchiness due to its calming properties.

Very often it is blended with Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage, rosemary, Rose, tea tree..lemon, Bergamot, marjoram.  It combines very well with other herbaceous oils where similar components  blend synergistically.

The message of Chamomile is stillness and begins its work in the earth and brings peace and calm. An interesting fact is that it is the plants physician in garden folklore., it provides nutrients to the soil , it will revive other plants..the Gardens plant healer.

A sacred herb ,one of the 9 sacred herbs of the Saxons, the precious flower essence of chamomile will calm and restore and bring equilibrium.

For diffuser or ceramic burner

X 2 drops Bergamot
X 2 drops Chamomile
X 1 drop rose