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Patchouli (Pogestemum cablin) for some it is too much and for others, can’t get enough. I often think Patchouli travels through the air and lands where its meant to be, with its lingering musky aroma, sweet, seductive and intoxicating, for its character is to help you look back at yourself and reflect..Patchouli has been evolving from ancient times, originating from Asia, its been all around the world and back again, in the 60’s and 70’s its notes became iconic, known as the Hippie oil, representing peace Freedom. The art is in the blending with this special oil, extracted from the leaves, the longer the leaves are left the more potent it is, some young Patchouli’s are sweeter as they are picked earlier, it’s like a good wine even when blended it matures over time..due to its potency it is used by top perfumers,  Channel, JO Malone, Christian Dior..and Dolce & Gabana The One, for will be sure to find hints of Patchouli amongst coco mademoiselle, coco noir..perfumers cannot resist using it, its fixative properties create such attractive, seductive blends, well after all it is an aphrodisiac. The oil in itself unblended is a perfume in its own right, although pungent. It is 100 percent a top nervous system oil, calming the nerves, and a serious antidepressant. Patchouli is in the air no doubt as it loves to create a stir and end up on your shelf somewhere.  With this deep passionate, musky, earthy fruit of the earth, a little goes a long way..and for Patchouli lovers, it is here to stay.  Explore..Enjoy.!!!
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