Valentines Aroma Special Rose

Feb 2, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

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Did you know.?
Rose (Damask), Rosa damascena. A truly natural aphrodisiac, that knows its powers. This beautiful pink rose is known as the Bulgarian Rose, native to Asia, mostly cultivated now in Turkey, Bulgaria and France. Rose  is exquisite, mysterious, passionate, it has a beautiful sweet, honey like aroma, I often think straw like, a sweetness that connects with your heart. Rose is special. Imagine it takes over 200,000 petals to make 5ml of rose oil. This is why it’s so precious and expensive, hand picked roses for you. Look at the beautiful petals, soft, velvety, silky like, delicate, pretty. This is Rose. Rose is universally recognised as the symbol of love, you can see why. Using rose in meditation helps with the deepest of emotions, like the petals themselves opening, it will help you open your heart and unravel hurt and pain, bringing with it an understanding of the life journey and mysteries of life. Rose is like a soul perfume, it connects so deeply. Blending it in natural cosmetics, for the face and body, is amazing. Amongst its many therapeutic properties, reproductive, nervous, a great antidepressant, a huge skin booster, tonifying, astringent. A very nurturing, mothering oil, mind, body and soul.