Sustainability is very important to us and is already underway across Lus Aromatherapy. We manufacture our skincare with certified organic ingredients. 

We have a heart felt sense of permanent responsibility to our planet and the welfare of all living beings. We are constantly working to improve the way we produce and package our products. We are changing our glass jars to violet glass which protect, prolong and enhance natural products. Violet glass has significant longer shelf-life and the possibility to reuse and recycle which is the perfect sustainable choice. It allows the positive rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out. This results in natural products stored in Violetglass lasting longer, with a higher bioenergetic value. In other words, increasing the quality and potency of the product stored. This unique violet glass reduces waste by extending shelf life, and less additives are needed when using this for our formulations.

Since November 2022 we have been on a journey to bring you the very best of luxurious organic skincare, this journey will continue, our principles are at the heart of everything and we are looking forward to always moving forward and reducing our environmental impact. We are proud of our progress so far and have more plans for the future.

Our aim is to make people and planet friendly products without compromise. Lus Aromatherapy is dedicated to showing customers that living a natural sustainable life style can be easy and beautiful with the help of clean essentials.
None of our products are tested on animals! – We are strongly against animal testing.