Ylang Ylang

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Ylang Ylang – (Cananga odorata) Flower of Flowers

The flower that blooms at night releases an iconic calming aroma from beautiful yellow blooms

Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata is a beautiful exotic flower, shaped like a sea star. It originates from the Philippines, Indonesia and Madagascar.  Its natural essence is highly aphrodisiac, its chemical components combine to make a very potent cocktail, therapeutically treating the mind, endocrine system.

Its aroma is intensely sweet and floral with a musky undertone.

There is a legend, a long time ago in the Philippines, the gods named a girl Ylang and no one was to ever touch her. Her beauty was very striking.  A man whom she was also attracted to gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers but as he handed her the bouquet and their hands touched, she was instantly transformed into a beautiful tree with fragrant yellow flowers.  Perhaps it was to give us this beautiful gift of nature.

Just look at the deep brightness of this flower, it brings instant cheer.  The bright floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang rich with notes of spice and fruit, is famous as a sensual, soothing fragrance.  It is a rare special flower and is used in the most famous perfume Chanel No 5. Ylang ylang is one of the most powerful aromatic flowers I know, uplifting, increasing low mood, positively uplifting.  It works amazingly on the skin, balancing and harmonising whilst treating the nervous system.  It is a very heavy base oil but when blended carefully, it will reward you with its charming wonders.  A beautiful tonic to the skin and mind.  Relaxing, mind, body and soul.